Women’s Wellbeing

  • Wayland's Yard, Colmore Row
  • 17/05/2018
  • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Wellbeing, Networking, Stress


Let’s get talking! It’s Mental Health Awareness week 14th-20th May with the main focus this year being on Stress.

The pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture in the UK is one of the biggest contributors to stress among the general population.*

While traditional working hours are 37 hours a week, the recent and dramatic rise in Britain’s working hours suggests this is likely to increase. 20.1% of the UK working population work 45 hours or more per week*


So, this event is going to be focussing on stress and how we can help you manage that.

We have a yoga instructor teaching us breathing exercises that will help with stress and anxiety.

Sally Bee will be speaking about the importance of nutrition. As a five-time heart attack survivor, Sally’s philosophy for taking control of her future health and wellbeing meant that she was able to survive the un-survivable.her lifestyle, food, thought and movement helped her to survive and recover. Today, she continues to glow with health; her doctors are amazed by her resilience and believe that her lifestyle is keeping her alive. She has also had the position of resident healthy cook on ITV’S Lorraine show for 4 years.

Alison Delaney is a successful published children’s author; a motivational speaker; a behavioral development executive coach; a global business owner; the founder of a women’s empowerment platform; and on top of all this, a mother (and most recently a grandmother!) too. Alison has dedicated her life to ensuring that people make positive strides to recognise their own potential and achieve their dreams and ambitions.
Passionate about emotional education and inspiring everyone to reach their full potential from the classroom to the boardroom, Alison has worked with children and corporates alike to help them implement systems to support emotional wellbeing.

Come and join us.

* Reference: Lunau, T., Bambra, C., Eikemo, T.A., van der Wel, K. & Dragano, N. (2014). A balancing act? Work-life balance, health and well-being in European welfare states. European Journal of Public Health, 24 (3), 422-427.
* Reference: ONS (2014). Statistical Bulletin: Labour Market Statistics 2014. Available at:http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/dcp171778_363998.pdf
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